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I, commit to being fully engaged as a Teen KICK Tribe Member! I understand and believe in the mission of Teen KICK. I will allow my heart and ears to be open to all enrichment offered. I promise to not just state that I am a part of TK Tribe, but participate in activities shared and help bring other girls forward to be a part as well. I am bold, I am beautiful and I have the power to influence. I will use my influence to uplift and empower. I will not partake in the negativity of social media, where we are at times encouraged to compare or belittle. I am on a mission to have those mediocre standards rise higher! I share love and kindness to all my fellow tribe members as well as other girls around the world. I believe in the power of my voice and I choose to stand for something greater than myself. I will stand for Teen KICK. I will stand for me and I will stand for her.

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