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Getting to Know the Founder

Published author, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and founder of Teen KICK, Kisha “Coach K” Simmons is on a mission to fulfill her God-given purpose. Throughout her early childhood years, Kisha had many misfortunes. From witnessing her mothers addiction to drugs, an absentee father, along with a stepfathers verbal, mental and sexual abuse, the enemy was trying to take her out from an early age.

Once a teen looking for her own identity and striving to not compare herself with others, Kisha knows what is like for the teens facing those struggles today. Through all of the turmoil the enemy meant for evil, “God used for her good” (Rom.8:28). Overcoming these unfortunate events was no easy task. Before Coach K reached age fourteen, she had attempt suicide three times. This forced psychological review and this is where she gained a deeper relationship with Christ.

Coach K overcame the devil’s insidious attacks through suicidal thoughts and gave her life to Christ. She proved naysayers wrong by fearlessly not only graduating from High School but also College with a 3.8 GPA. She now travels the world, inspires many, confidently coaches others to go after there God-given purpose, and mentors troubled teen girls through her Teen KICK Ministry.

From her “Confidence K.I.C.K.™” seminars, workshops, online challenges and motivational segments, she empowers each person to get to Know who they are, Ignite what lives within, Confidently speak & Compare NOT and Keep moving past the obstacles. Coach K is devoted to giving back to anyone who faces fears of not being worthy enough, strong enough, pretty enough, or thinking they are not enough period.


Open Letter to


Sharing a transparent open letter to show girls, you will overcome! All that seem as a struggle today will not be the worries of tomorrow. Chill out and trust God through the process.

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