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Teen KICK 1st Annual FREE Teen Conference

Enrich, empower and ignite confidence in every teen girl, was the theme of this FREE conference and that's exactly what happened! On a rainy Saturday in August, Coach K kicked off the first free teen girl conference for Teen KICK Ministries. Almost overnight the registration grew from 30 registrants to over 50!

Excited for the conference, Coach K and a team of amazing volunteers decorated, prayed and blessed the upcoming event with love and labor. The conference was amazing! From Coach K entering to a new mix of "Formation" with the words "Let's get in formation FOR CHRIST" intertwined to giving a passionate "The Power of I AM" speech, a Vision Board segment led by Tiffany Ross, a personal style, care and hair segment led by stylist from Houston, Jasmine Smith, food donated by Chic Fil A and even a Teen Talk panel where teens gave emotional testimonies and talked about issues from family to teen girl comparison at school, this was an event that will forever be remembered by the girls who attended!

To top it off, ALL girls left the conference with a bag full of school supplies and a personal hygiene kit! Check out some of the photos below:

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