This planner was created to help teens tackle daily struggles along with preparing you for success in all areas of life from school, career, community involvement, finance and even self-care!


The KICKSTART Lifestyle Planner *Teen Edition* system that you see here is a student version of the KICKSTART Lifestyle Planner for adults which helped me take 100% responsibility for my life in order to stay organized, motivated and see dreams and projects continue to come true even after giving birth. This tool helps teens to stay focused during school, receive motivation throughout their planning and assist in fulfilling their God-given purpose. 


- Cover Sheet
- Intro to Kickstart
- 12 Quotables to place throughout planner (preferably before each new month)
- Project Planner
- Meal Planner
- Expense Tracker (yes because great finance planning is built at a younger age!)
- Budget Planner
- Think Tank
- Monthly Goal Sheet
- Month at a Glance
- Monthly Reflections
- Weekly Planner
- Gratitude Page
- Bucket List Planner
- Future/Goal Planner

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